I like to ride motorcycles. I like to tinker with motorcycles. I like to ask "Who, what, when, where, why, and how?". I like plain speaking. I don't like bullshit. I can be cranky.
I enjoy working on motorcycles. I always have. To me, working on bikes is second only to riding them.
I like the KLR because it is easy to work on. It has many shortcomings, too, being as how it is an inexpensive bike. That makes for a lot of opportunities for improvements.
It's also a highly configurable bike. You choose what you want to do with the bike and change, modify, and improve it to meet your needs.
Some of the things I have done will border on the ridiculous to some people. Sometimes the answer to "Why?" is "Because I can" or "I wanted to see if it could be done".
This website, then, is about KLR650 technical stuff. It has some information, it has mods that aren’t all that common, and it has some open, honest, un-PC opinion. I’m an open, honest, and objective person. What you read is what I mean; don’t read meaning into my words that’s not there.
What this website won’t have is much of anything on the most common KLR issues, what is the best tire/oil/seat/chain/brake pad/windscreen, is the Thermo-Bob/doohickey/KLX needle necessary, or which KLR is the best KLR. It’s all been done to death and the answers and opinions are easily found on the forums or on Facebook. You can search the forums. On Facebook all you have to do is wait for a couple of days and your topic will come up.
Frankly, I don’t give two shits about that stuff, I’m truly tired of it, and my yammering about any of those topics is simply adding entropy to the universe.
On this website I talk about things I have direct experience with that are a bit out of the ordinary.

I will also review products and suppliers and will try to be as honest and objective as I can be. I'll say what I think, be it good or bad, and I'll try hard to tell you the 'who, what where when, why, and how' that led me to that opinion. And you can rest assured that if it is positive, that I don't get paid to say that. I don't get paid to say anything. I'll remind you of that, too.